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Real Estate

We provide a full range of property law services ranging from one-off opinions on specific matters and advice to individual investors to long-term advice on a portfolio of projects and support of large infrastructure projects. In particular, we provide advice and assistance in connection with:

  • property aspects of M&A, privatization and concession transactions
  • property acquisitions, including legal due diligence, structuring the transaction, including adjustment of its financial and tax aspects, negotiations with counterparties, drafting transaction documentation, collateralization of payments
  • property development, obtaining required construction and development permits and authorizations, relations with public authorities, infrastructure and utility companies,
  • construction contracts, sale and lease agreements or other contracts for the utilization of commercial properties
  • rent and lease (operational or financial) of real estate
  • debt/equity swaps
  • foreclosure of mortgages and pledges
  • infrastructure projects - detailed and comprehensive advice on the legal framework, due diligence, assistance during the implementation of the project
  • property litigation
  • handling restitution claims

Relevant experience

Working closely with the project development teams of our clients on permitting, structuring and financing their project, our team has gained considerable experience in handling numerous complex real estate related issues such as:

  • consulting expansion and development for a leading European retailer in Bulgaria since 1998 on all real property issues
  • providing legal assistance to a leading Austrian DIY chain on all legal aspects related to the acquisition of plots, negotiations with owners and banks, construction and maintenance of the premises
  • advising a leading Austrian property investor on all legal aspects of a multimillion acquisition of a property and buildings in Sofia and facilitating the negotiations with owners and tenants
  • counseling numerous clients on acquisition of agricultural land and its successful change of the designation to be fit for construction purposes, e.g. logistic warehouses, business parks, energy facilities etc.
  • assisting an Austrian food producer in the process of acquisition of a Bulgarian company owning and renting agricultural land, agricultural and production facilities, buildings and installations
  • rendering legal services to one of the largest LPG distributors in Europe in the acquisition of a land plot, construction and licensing of a tax warehouse depot for LPG distribution and sale
  • advising a leading Bulgarian CNG distributor on the sale of its business assets to a leading multinational oil and gas company

Our Real Estate lawyers

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